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Interview: On the Dangerous Ground Series

Interview: On the Dangerous Ground Series

Josh Lanyon has just posted the 2nd in a series of interviews with me about the Dangerous Ground series! It was great to talk about the work, the characters, and the process.

If you missed it, the first interview, on the first two books of the series, is also posted, here.


The Dangerous Ground Series, by Josh Lanyon is on sale now!


It’s the Dangerous Ground series, by award-winning author Josh Lanyon. Follow the gripping cases of Special Agents Will Brandt and Taylor MacAllister, as they solve crimes and navigate the complexities of love. 

This series is extremely entertaining, well-written, and am so proud to have had the privilege of narrating it. Future books in the series are on their way.

Follow the links, listen to the samples. If you like what you hear, buy and review. Thank you for supporting my work!